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New Profile Posts

  1. Goodforme82
    Hi if anyone got a vauxhall Carlton for sale can you let me know thanks and have a happy mothers day for tomorrow
  2. Goodforme82
    Hi i am new on here
  3. Dohboyfats1
    Dohboyfats1 SRIgwynedd
    Have you still got the wind deflectors buddy ??
  4. nikki falding
    nikki falding GSi-R
    hi p1191 code now showing after a rebuilt hp pump tested and true new fuel regulator new cam sensor and crank sensor air filter spark plugs also what next to try ?
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  5. alek peterson
    alek peterson
    hi i am new too this forums and discussions but any help i can get resolving this problem would be gratefully accepted thanks alek
  6. alek peterson
    alek peterson
    hi i have an astra 1.7cdti 2006 the oil light goes off and then comes back on please help alek
  7. Qazz
  8. SickStrings
    SickStrings Fred Bassett
    We had a Bassett up until recently, Fred. Name of 'Happy', which my comical 4 yr old daughter came up with. Very apt. A big dog on short legs and great fun.
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  9. mark royle
    mark royle
    techno miserable (status)
  10. Simon Hollingsworth
    Simon Hollingsworth
    Put new injector seals on it now but it still stalls seems like a air leak near back right corner of engine