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New Profile Posts

  1. Itchybum
    Vectra C 2008 1.9 Diesel 120 BHP. Complete loss of power but no warning light. Will idle but not rev. had to get towed some smoke & odour
  2. ftwildstrike
    ftwildstrike marks152
    I badly need help with the Opcom software.Ive got the Interface scanner, but the software cd is the Chinese clone jobby.
    I run the disc and get 3 file options and that's as far as I go.
    I have gone further, but come to a stop when I'm asked to connect the Interface(done,) or download the drivers (where from ?).
    I am running windows 10 believing thats where the problem lies.
    You can probably guess I'm no expert
  3. Shadow152
    New to motoring and the mechanical side but eager to learn and always willing to listen to tips and advice & will help others when i can :)
  4. Jek6577
    Hello I'm new to all this. I've just brought a vauxhall antara. But there ain't a spare wheel with it. Would a mokka alloy fit my car?
  5. Simon Hollingsworth
    Simon Hollingsworth
    pedal code 029952 pls help spanner light come on turn engine off back goes off then come bk on 5 miles down road vauxhall have no idea
  6. Danny Chaplin
    Danny Chaplin marks152
    Hi mate I've seen you post stuff about installing op-com on a laptop, ive been trying all weekend and all i get when i plug it in and go to test interface is that i need to install the USB driver and its really frustrating i don't suppose when i finish work later you can connect to my laptop through team viewer if i give you my id and pass hopefully hear from you soon
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  7. Kirsty289
    Don't know whether can do this but selling Vauxhall corsa facelift model 1.2 1997 black. MOT till 27th May 2018. Full history. Hull
  8. VXRoads
    VXRoads Matt-SRI
    Hi Matt,
    I'm new to the site and have been looking for info on installing a towbar and electrics to my 2011 2.8T Sports Tourer. Many threads mention that you put a tutorial on your gallery page but I can't seem to find it. Any chance you could send me a link please?
    Was it easy enough to fit? I'm reasonably practical but dont want to fry my electrics!!
    Appreciate your assistance,
    1. Matt-SRI
      Hi Nick, I only did the physical fitting, I left the electrical side to a professional
      May 15, 2017
  9. Mark edens
    Mark edens TANDS - Nic
    Hi can you tell me what you would charge remapping my zafira 1.9cdti sri 2010 plate and live in Leicester
    Many thanks in advance
  10. Kieron 68
    Kieron 68
    Trafic roofline ideas please with wiring harness covers still attached