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How to add an avatar

If you've registered via Facebook, there's a good chance you'll already have the profile picture from your Facebook account, if not, here's how!

First, hover over your username (top right area of the screen / browser)

Click Avatar

The Avatar Editor screen will then appear

If you have a Gravatar (http://en.gravatar.com/) tick the 'Use Gravatar' option, and populate the field with the email account you use for Gravatar.

If not, click 'Browse' and choose the picture you would like to be your avatar, if possible, choose a square image else the forum will do it's best to resize and it might not look as good as you hoped, it's also worth noting that animated avatars do not show up in the forum, only on the profile pages.

Click 'Open' or 'OK' (depending on your browser)

The image will then upload and you'll be shown how it looks now it's been resized

Click either 'Okay' or 'Close' to return to the forums.

Your avatar is now uploaded and will be shown next to any posts you make, and in any posts you've made that get quoted