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How to post a thread on VxON

Firstly, select the area you wish to post your thread in, scroll down the forum and find the most relevant area.

In this instance, I will be posting a topic about a Calibra, so chose 'Cavalier, Calibra, Vectra, Signum, Sintra & Insignia owners forum' from the 'GM Car Related' section

You can now see the list of threads within that section

If the topic you wish to post isn't already covered, you can now create your thread. Click the 'Post New Thread' button (near the top right).

You will now be presented with the Create Thread screen

First (if applicable) choose the thread prefix related to the topic, in this case 'Calibra' - this helps people browsing the forum identify what you are posting about before opening the thread. Click on the prefix to select it

Once you've chosen the prefix, type in a relevant title and type in the contents of the thread. This can include pictures to help explain the issue or question you have, please be as descriptive as possible, this will help others help you. A guide on how to post pictures is available within the help section (How to post pictures on VxON)

You can then chose to 'Create Thread' or 'Preview' the thread, this will show you how the thread will look to others. You also have the option to 'Watch this thread...' including email notifications, the forum can then advise you when someone has replied to your thread.