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Apr 25, 2017 at 11:42 PM
Mar 5, 2010
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liverpool, uk

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Well-Known Member, from liverpool, uk

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Apr 25, 2017 at 11:42 PM
    1. headset74000
      Hi Mark I have tryed op com version 1.45 with original software and with vauxcom 120309a it will sort of read the car but no values with original and just says error or car not powering interface with vauxcom i am trying to find out why there is no external temp showing in the centre display
    2. headset74000
      hi mark i have insignia 2012 there is no sign of the external tep on the info display not even any lines were it shold be any idea please
    3. rocketdemon
      Mark - have you a nice graph, like the ones you posted, of a known good MAF that I could take a look at?
    4. rocketdemon
      Hey Mark, fellow biker! Is my MAF in need of replacement? see post tile "[Zafira A] [99-05] Long Story, but do i need a new MAF Sensor now?" 4 WOT runs today attached...Regards Pete
    5. jay1976
      Hi can you help please
    6. rick45
      Hi Mark, team viewer has just put up another password: cv951j, try that Mark.
    7. rick45
      Hi Mark,
      Sorry thought we were doing this tomorow,
      The interface I used has just become very sloppy on connecting the cable so have connected new interface and cable
      Team Viewer ID; 478 335 788
      Pass: 7091,
      Try that mark.
    8. rick45
      Hi again Mark,
      Can you have a go at it tomorrow Wednesday morning after 09.00 will have it all plugged in ready,
      Team Viewer details,
      ID: 478 335 788,
      Pass: 7091,
      Many thanks again Mark,
      Sorry for being a pain in the ass.
    9. rick45
      Hi Mark,
      Rick again, have been out to the car today and plugged the opcom in, it was okay was using it for about 15 minutes and was just checking saturation of DPF it then just came up " no connection with opcom please install USB drivers ", can you tell me what I need to do as drivers have got to have been installed for me to have been using it before it stopped,
    10. Ddavo13
      Hi zafira with misfire code 0300 plug 4 socked in petrol other 3 ok so changed new plugs and coilpack but still the same put new plug in pot 4 again but no change any ideas please
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