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Aerial gasket replacement 56 reg Combo van

Discussion in 'Other Car/Van Related Technical Information Required / Provided' started by daveandvera, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Laikasorbit

    Laikasorbit Well-Known Member

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    I used one of these on the Astra but, I did drop the head lining and loosen it a bit to when fitting the gasket. If you read the bottom of the listing it says This is the larger of the two gaskets we supply. Unfortunately we cannot supply the even larger gasket required for some Vectra saloon & hatchback, and later Astra Coupe, & Corsa models and Combo vans, but we can supply a black mastic sealer kit. Please see our eBay listing 360991347630.

    Having just looked at the ad for the sealant, I think a trip to Screwfix might be kinder on the pocket or find someone with half a caulking cartridge sat in their garage or shed.
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