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[Astra Mk4 / G] Reading fault codes

Discussion in 'All Model Vauxhall / Opel / GM / Holden How2' started by Dava02, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Dava02

    Dava02 Member

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    Reading ECU Fault Codes
    Astra 'G' (MK4)

    Depending on the year of your Astra G, you may be able to read fault codes yourself if the engine light comes on while driving...

    On the instrument panel, in the same dial as the Tachometer (rev counter).
    The light has to be on for more than 30 seconds to record a fault code.

    Fault Code Reading Procedure:-

    Remove the panel under the hand brake.


    Slide a small screwdriver between the cover under the handbrake and the gearlever surround, and prise the cover upwards.


    You'll see the diagnostics plug, with a protective dust cover on it.
    Remove the dust cover.
    You'll then see the neccessary pins in the diagnostics plug.


    Short pins 5 and 6, with a paperclip or copper wire, with the ignition OFF.

    ..| [][][][][][][][]|.


    Turn on the ignition.
    The Engine light will begin to flash

    The Astra G uses the Simtec 70 ECU.
    The diagnostics procedure of the Simtec 56.5 is the same as for the newer 70.x management.

    The following chapters are taken from the How To on www.topbuzz.co.uk

    The Simtec 56.5 fuel systems use a 4 digit flash code. The engine ideally needs to be running when reading the fault codes, otherwise it may show incorrect fault codes.

    Once the wire link is in place and the engine is running, the ECU warning lamp will begin to flash out the codes (wait for the initial boot up check that lights up all the warning lamps). Each fault code is repeated 3 times and then it moves onto the next one (if any). Once at the end of the logged fault code list, it will go to the beginning again, giving you plenty of time to note down the code (on each fault code shown, there will be a pause before it shows the next one). It will carry on like this for ever until you remove the key from the ignition or the battery runs flat. To clear the codes simply turn on and off the ignition 30 times with a 5 second 'on' gap in-between (time allowed for self check to finish).

    For example, lets say there was a ECU warning lamp noted and the owner wanted to read what fault code was logged. The owner has already put the wire link in place and switched on the ignition. A flash is indicated by an astrix (*) and a pause is shown as a dash (-).

    Note that 10 flashes = number 0.

    **********-*-*-***** (10 flashs, 1 pause, 1 flash, 1 pause , 1 flash, 1 pause and 5 flashes = P code 0115)
    **********-*-*-***** (0115)
    **********-*-*-***** (0115)

    **********-***-***-********** (0330)
    **********-***-***-********** (0330)
    **********-***-***-********** (0330)

    **********-*-*-***** (0115)
    **********-*-*-***** (0115)
    **********-*-*-***** (0115)

    **********-***-***-********** (0330)
    **********-***-***-********** (0330)
    **********-***-***-********** (0330)

    Owner then takes the key out of the ignition.

    Lets go through what has happened. After switching on the ignition, the dash board lights up showing the self check, after that all the lights go out and the ECU warning light begins to flash the error code. There is no initiation flash code, the ECU will flash out the fault codes straight away. This is repeated 3 times.

    P code 0115 means 'Intake manifold pressure sensor', i.e. there is most likely a faulty unit or a bad connection at its plug. It flashes this 3 times before going to the next fault code. Remember to show a 0 number it flashes the ECU warning lamp 10 times.

    The next code is code 0330 which means 'Knock sensor 2' which suggests the engine has two knock sensors on it, hence the 2nd one is faulty or has bad connections. Again this flashes the same fault P code 3 times before moving onto the next. In this case it there are no more faults and the P codes repeat themselves.

    The owner can switch off the ignition. A healthy car should display no fault codes what so ever, i.e. the ECU warning lamp never comes on or flashes. Some ECU systems will also show code 0335 because it doesn't see the engine turning over, this is not a fault because you haven't started the car. Simply start the engine and read the fault codes again. If 0335 shows again while the engine is on, then its a fault. To find out what fuel system you have, read the "Fault Code Chart" below.

    Siemens Simtec Fault Code Chart (P Codes):

    0100 Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor
    0105 Intake manifold pressure sensor
    0110 Intake Air Temperature Sesnor (ATS)
    0115 Intake Coolant Temperature Sesnor (CTS)
    0120 Throttle Potentiometer Sensor (TPS)
    0130 Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen (HEGO) sensor
    0135 Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen (HEGO) sensor heater
    0150 Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen (HEGO) sensor
    0173 Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen (HEGO) sensor
    0201 Injector valve 1
    0202 Injector valve 2
    0203 Injector valve 3
    0204 Injector valve 4
    0205 Injector valve 5
    0206 Injector valve 6
    0230 Fuel pump
    0325 Knock sensor
    0330 Knock sensor 2
    0335 Crank sensor
    0340 Camshaft sensor
    0351 Ignition coil 1 and 4
    0352 Ignition coil 2 and 3
    0400 Exhaust gas circulation valve
    0403 Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) valve
    0410 Secondary air pump relay
    0412 Secondary solenoid valve
    0433 Tank vent valve
    0500 Idle speed stepper motor/idle air regulator
    0560 Battery
    1110 Switch over valve solenoid
    1112 Switch over valve 1
    1113 Switch over valve 2
    1120 Throttle body malfunction
    1229 Power supply relay
    1231 Fuel pump relay
    1320 Knock control cylinder 1
    1327 Knock control cylinder 2
    1328 Knock control cylinder 3
    1329 Knock control cylinder 4
    1405 Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) valve
    1410 Secondary air pump relay
    1411 Secondary air pump
    1501 Immobiliser control unit
    1502 Immobiliser control unit
    1503 Immobiliser control unit
    1530 Air flow relay
    1600 Internal control module
    1601 Engine Control Unit (ECU) too hot
    1602 Knock control module
    1604 Knock control unit
    1605 Knock control unit
    1606 Knock control unit
    1640 Knock control unit or quad drive module
    1690 MIL/Engine fail (malfunction indicator lamp)
    1740 Torque control unit

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  2. aceshigh47

    aceshigh47 New Member

    Likes Received:
    Basildon, ESSEX
    Engine Fault Codes

    Hi Ya Folks,
    I have a similar problem that i need assistance with. My astra 1.6 8v (99 V Reg) was driving like a dog. Stalling at lights and roundabouts, juddering, etc,etc. The engine managment light was on so i did the paperclip test. I Had Fault code 1405 so I changed the EGR Valve. The Car Ran fantastic and the engine Managment Light went Out. 2 Days later the engine Managment light came back on but the car is still running fine. Idid the paperclip test again and Fault 1405 Was present again. Could this be the EMU Showing the old fault or has anybody experienced this. Is there a way of clear the faults stored in the EMU and resetting the Engine Managment Light.

    Brian :ROFLMAO:
  3. ok67

    ok67 New Member

    Likes Received:
    Trondheim, Norway
    I read somewhere, probably from the same site as Dava02 was linking to, that you can clear the fault odes by turning on an off the ignition 30 times with a 5 sec on'on' gap in-between.
  4. vxA51

    vxA51 New Member

    Likes Received:
    West Yorks

    I've read the instructions on self reading the fault codes and all was going well until i found that my pin 6 is missing in my ALDL connector, or is it?

    I have a 51 plate Vaux Astra SXi. Do i need to connect different pins on this model or has it been damaged in the past? either way what are my options? i've done the old £50 for a piece of paper with codes on it before and would rather not go thru it again :rolleyes: Any help will be great thanks
  5. Ajmacneil140

    Ajmacneil140 New Member

    Likes Received:
    Fault Code 1405

    Ive recently blanked my EGR valve and have had my Engine managment light come up,ive done the paperclip test and Error Code 1405 is coming up.The Engine is running alot better with no more hesitation ect but the Managment light is up,it doesnt stay on all the time switches on and off?Is this a point of taking it to have the ECU Reflashed?And is it a job i need done asap or is it ok to wait a few weeks untill payday?Will turning the engine on/off 30 times stop the managment light coming up completley?
  6. rocha

    rocha New Member

    Likes Received:
    I tried using this method but when i turn on the car, i get about 80 quick flashes and then it starts flashing with pauses in between, however, it doesn't seem to repeat any code even 2 times nor it seems to make sense at all.

    I have checked the pins and i'm doing as per on the photos.
    The car is a 99 opel astra x14xe
    Any ideas?

  7. Yelloperil

    Yelloperil Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Back in Stockport
    Unfortunatly to clear the faults they have to be done on a Tech 2 machine or if the faulty item is replaced.....

    Switching the ignition on and off 20 times DOES NOT WORK on this type of ECU
  8. MPB63

    MPB63 New Member

    Likes Received:
    Manchester England
    I have no pin 6, 04 plate 1.6i Elegance with Twinport Z16 XEP engine. Does anyone have an answer for vxA51 as I need same answer. Many thanks
  9. krowlands

    krowlands Active Member

    Likes Received:
    here's one.

    00 X reg Astra 1,6 club, just got engine light on.

    Engine off
    Press accellerator to the floor, along with brake
    turn key to position 2.
    Engine/spanner light will flash the codes out.

    Excellent. I have a P0400 code on mine...I'll bet this is the code it had on purchase.
  10. platty

    platty New Member

    Likes Received:
    I'm the same mate. I get about 100 quick flashes then just loads of slow flashes...

    Mines a 2000 1.6 8v X16SZR...

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