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Before Posting How2 Information Read In (Updated 31/07/06)

Discussion in 'Omega How to and FAQ's' started by cavwebmaster, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. cavwebmaster

    cavwebmaster CavWeb/VxON Forums Admin & Founder Staff / Administrator VxON Club Member VxON Approved Trader

    Likes Received:
    Modified Astra H Sporthatch 150 CDTI
    This area is only for posting 100% verfied Servcing and Modification How2 Information. If your How2 Information is not verified, complete or does not contain enough information then it must be posted into the How2 Additions forum located here:


    Anything posted in this or any of the How2 forums are purely guides and CavWeb (including Admins/mods & VauxhallOwnersNetwork) accepts no responsibility if you cause yourself/others injury or destroy/break any car parts/tools. Guides MAY NOT be 100% complete OR 100% accurate so please bear this in mind before taking on any guide listed here. As always when undertaking any modification/servicing/ please refer to the workshop manual and follow any safety instructions.

    So are we clear? Its YOUR responsibility to make sure that you understand the guides/articles fully. Use the correct tools, cross reference with a workshop manual and make sure the area you are working on is safe. If you take a guide on and anything happens to you or the vehicle you are working on its YOUR problem as you have been warned!

    Any guide/article posted in the HOW2 forums category may not be copied, linked, in part or whole without the prior permission of the guide/article author AND Cavwebmaster. By posting your guide/article here you are sharing the rights to these guides/articles with the Cavwebmaster on Behalf of the Vauxhall Owners Network/CavWeb website/forums and although you may copy your information to another site the original guide/article remains here. All guides/articles posted by old/expired members that cannot be contacted are solely owned by the CavWebmaster on behalf of the Vauxhall Owners Network/CavWeb website/forums.

    Anyone found to be intentially approaching members via PM with the sole intention of asking them if they can use their guide/article (in part or whole) on another site will be banned.

  2. GSi-R

    GSi-R Well-Known Member

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    Kuopio, Finland
    Due to the amount of lost images, and broken links within our HOW2 forums, could everyone from now on who wishes to add to the HOW2 forums please make sure all your images (if any) are now uploaded to PhotoBucket please.

    An account has been setup by Dave (laidback66) just for images for the HOW2's here on VxON. Please only use this account for the HOW2's ONLY. Thanks

    Please PM either myself, or Dave for account login details.

    Over the following weeks all previous images posted within the HOW2 forums will also be uploaded to this new Photobucket account, so if you currently have an HOW2 and currently have your images hosted elsewhere, could you please let me or Dave know by PM. Also if you have an HOW2 and the images you posted no longer hotlink/display, then again, please let us know, and we will set about replacing the images in your HOW2's.

    Thanks, on Behalf of The VxON Team.

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