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central locking failed can't get petrol cap open

Discussion in 'Omega, Monaro VXR, VXR8, Carlton, Senator, Manta & Monza owners forum' started by robisingh, Apr 3, 2008.


    KFASHLEY Member

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    Just had this problem. Was able to pull back the locking pin manually. Managed to cut myself so watch out for the sharp edges.
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  2. brikhead

    brikhead Well-Known User.

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    I don't like that you cut your self.

    Once you remove ANY piece of trim you are likely to have exposed many areas that can injure you.
  3. japster

    japster New Member

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    Zafira 1.9D Design
    I just fixed this too on my Zafira B, I opened the plastic flap on the inside of the boot on drivers side. (Where the back of the rear light cluster is). By reaching inside the second chamber nearer the outside of the car, towards the top you can feel a rectangular plastic housing, which holds the solenoid. On the top face of this housing near the front is a small hole just big enough to put your finger in and pull the plunger back.
    Once the fuel flap was opened, I tried the key fob a few times and the solenoid appears to be working, so might have just been jammed. We'll see how it goes.
  4. ABA

    ABA Well-Known Member

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    if just the drivers door is unlocked no you wont be able to open the filler door all four doors need to be unlocked check your fuses for the door locks there are 2 fuses both need to be working
    mine did the same thing fuse went changed fuse ok went to fill up with fuel filler door wouldent open talk about being pi**ed of went home and locked the car told the wife she went out with her keys came back and said it opens for her that when we found out with her keys a single push on the key button open all the doors as with mine a single push just the drivers door to open all 4 doors mine needed a double push on the button

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