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Club Packs - backdated for those who have yet to receive them

Discussion in 'Club Enquiries' started by Alex, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Alex

    Alex I do the jokes. Staff / Administrator VxON Club Member VxON Approved Trader VxON Club Staff

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    Horsham, West Sussex
    Skoda Superb, Rascal Van
    Hello All

    As you may be aware, we have had some changes within the Club Admin team recently for various reasons.

    This resulted in many of you joining our club, but not receiving the promised "Welcome Pack" that you were entitled to whilst paying the old £15 rate for a year's membership.

    We have now reduced the membership rate to £12 as of early July 2015 as we will no longer be posting physical welcome packs, though you will still be entitled to access all of the membership benefits and discounts that we have available for you, including the Vauxhall Trade Club discount scheme. We will not be posting out keyrings, stickers etc and have passed on this saving to you all when the time comes to renew membership.

    However I am now in possession of these items which are due to several of you who joined within recent months and did not receive anything in the post, and I am able to do so.

    I would therefore please ask that all those members to send me a Private message on the forum here (click on my username and then "start conversation") with your real name and your postal address and I will begin the process of sending these out to you.

    Many thanks to you all for your patience during this transition period and our apologies for this delay.

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