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PVS 2010 Review

Discussion in 'PVS 2010' started by LSI, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Alex has wrote a pretty descriptive review of the whole weekend, so I won't waffle on too much repeating the same thing, but just to give a personal view of how PVS 2010 panned out for me, and my thoughts on the matter.

    Firstly, thanks to the ones that did come and make it an enjoyable weekend despite the lack of numbers, and even fewer cars for our stand, it was actually a very good weekend, even if I did find myself missing some of the 'regulars'.

    Secondly, I'm pleased to report that Pod/Future have listened to some of the gripes of last year, and years before and actually addressed them. PVS is still exactly what it's always been, and as such appeals mostly to a certain crowd, but the management of the event has been poor (IMO) in recent years and patience of it has grown thin within the more mature clubs. I'd personally highlight 3 things that put me off from previous years, those being lack of security management, the state of the fields and no solid ground as access roads, and no quiet area for families and more mature attendees to camp in. The organisers have addressed these 3 critical points by actively stamping down on yobish behaviour with more security that actually seem to bother, and do patrol the fields and act accordingly, which includes evicting people if necessary. They've also added hardcore access roads onto and around the camping fields, which although very crude would help no end if the weather and ground condition was poor. And finally, and for me most crucially they've added a family camping area on the opposite side of the strip (where we camped in 2007 for those who remember) which is far enough away from the noise to keep most people happy and able to have a comfortable stay overnight. All these things combine to make, for me atleast, a much more enjoyable experience of the weekend. And although we didn't stay in the quieter camping area (we didn't know about it until we got there) it's easy to see the advantages for future years, and encouraging to see that the organisers are listening and taking steps to cater for the clubs that have issues with the way the show has been going over previous years.

    Anyway, for me it was the first time I ever took a car up the drag strip, so when on Saturday they announced they were doing unlimited runs for £30 I plucked up the courage and joined the queue with the Carlton. What was intended to only be 5 or 6 runs turned out to be 10 and nearly 4 gallons of fuel :ROFLMAO:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, and although the Carlton is a bit big and heavy and long geared for a truly quick quarter mile, I recorded a personal best of 15.5s at a speed of 89mph, and took solace from the fact that the rear wheel drive rep mobile from the late 80s was showing just about everything I lined up against it's backside off the line and upto 330ft, including an Impreza, after which the lighter or more powerful turbocharged offerings hauled it in and pulled ahead.

    The club's turnout was obviously somewhat poor, but after last year we expected that anyway. Having the only Vauxhall in the club, we didn't even bother with a stand on Saturday, and just put our 3 cars on the Sunday instead.

    Generally speaking it was still an enjoyable weekend and hopeful look into a step in the right direction next year having noted the changes. We're sure to see more people at Billing, and hopefully have a reasonable turnout for TV Live at Castle Combe, details of which will be put up shortly.

    Thanks again to those that came :)

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