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Raven Cafe Meet /poss Furbers scrapyard meet and Ponderosa Cafe Meet

Discussion in 'Wales' started by OPEL_VAUX, Jan 19, 2012.


    OPEL_VAUX VxON' s Cavaliercrazy Guy!!

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    Sunny Wales
    ok guys hope you dont mind me posting this up as i cant seem to find a Rep to contact.
    ok we have Two meets arranged if anyones interested
    so i thought i'd post up as both are multi club meets, one been arranged by my self hosted by cavalier crazy and one by club-vaux

    first one is 29th jan, raven cafe, whitchurch. 9am start, breakfast etc followed by a scrappy scavenging session nearby at the roving bridge Furbers

    Lynn's Raven Café
    A41/A49 Junction
    Prees Heath
    SY13 2AF


    second is 19th feb, up at the ponderosa cafe, horseshoe pass, nr llangollen, wales. roughly 10 clubs + in attendance. again will be about a 9am start with good breakfast as usual then a run out later to the Evo Triangle


    feel free to join us
    all welcome so would be nice to meet up guys
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